Electronic Health Records Software

Electronic Health Records Software

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

With most hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities implementing digitization of services, patients can now experience better health care facilities. Electronic Health Record (EHR) has been a key development in this area.

What is EHR?

EHR is the digitized health record of a patient, shared across multiple healthcare providers and other authorized users. The digitization takes place using electronic health record software that captures more than just the clinical data of the patient. It offers a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s medical, treatment and health history.

A few details that EHR includes are:

  • Patient’s name and contact details
  • Medical history
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Treatment plans
  • Allergies
  • Radiology images
  • Lab tests and results
  • Health insurance details
  • Details of conditions and diseases
  • Hospitalization records and details
  • Details of surgical procedures

Benefits of EHR

One of the main advantages of using EHR software is that the entire health information about an individual can be created and managed by an array of healthcare providers who have the necessary authorization. As a result, this digitized information can be shared across providers and healthcare facilities, including laboratories, pharmacies, school clinics, workplace clinics and emergency facilities.

Other benefits of EHR include:

  • Automatic sharing and updating of patient information among authorized organizations and offices.
  • Efficient patient information storage system that allows easy retrieval and access to the information.
  • Sharing information is not restricted to just text, as even multimedia details such as MRIs and X-rays can be shared between facilities and providers.
  • Reduction in the cost of medical system after implementation of EHR software.
  • Standardized health care records of all patients in the system.
  • Patients can avail paperless treatment and avoid the risk of losing / misplacing medical records.

EHR acts a centralized information system of a patient that enables him as well as the healthcare providers to take quicker and better decisions. Visit our FREE Clinic Management Software if you are a doctor or a clinic.

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