India is the diabetes capital of the world with as many as 50 million people suffering from type 2 diabetes as stated by TOI. Diabetes is a lifelong disease, but no need to panic as it can be managed at initial level by making a few simple changes in your lifestyle and with medication (if prescribed). Practitioners feel that patients taking proper medication and lifestyle modification play an important role in diabetes management and this can help them lead a normal life.

Here are 5 steps one can take to manage their blood sugar levels:

  • Diet:

  • Drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Control your carb intake and include more fiber intake in your diet. You can eat green leafy vegetables as they are high in fiber and rich in nutrients like magnesium and vitamin A. Other best options can be avocados, garlic, chia seeds, nuts, whole grains, pulses, green tea, and eggs.

  • Exercise:

  • If you are not an exercise person you can include fun activities in your daily life such as dancing, swimming, yoga, sports, walking, climbing stairs, meditation, and much more. You can start with a 10- minute workout and gradually work your way up to 30- minutes.

  • Weight loss:

  • If you are an overweight losing a few Kgs can show miraculous results. Along with diet and exercise, you should know what is the right amount of calorie intake for you and then plan your diet and portions accordingly. You can know this through Basal metabolic rate (BMR) by simply stating your age, height, and weight. Find out your BMR on http://www.karewellness.com/bmr_lp

  • Medication:

  • Find a good doctor and take medications as prescribed by the doctor on time. If you are unable to find a good doctor in your locality or are time bound then you can find a doctor online on http://www.karewellness.com/ Also see to it that you get enough quality sleep and avoid stress as hormones such as glucagon and cortisol are secreted during stress and can cause blood sugar level to go up.

  • Monitor your sugar levels:

  • With new technologies coming in you can now keep a track of your blood sugar levels online in a chronological order or even in forms of graphs and charts through Electronic health record software (EHR) or Electronic medical record software (EMR). With such software, you no longer have to worry about managing your papers and worrying about losing them. You can carry and access them whenever and wherever you need them.

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Dental Checkup-Karewellness

How often do you do a dental check-up? Have you ever given a thought about the same? Is it really necessary to get a dental check-up done or brushing your teeth is sufficient? I’ll try to answer all these common questions in this blog. A dental check-up is required to examine if there are any signs of infections, tooth decay, oral health problems, trauma etc. An overall examination of your teeth, mouth and gums is involved and accordingly your dentist might recommend you a clean-up, X-ray or root canal procedure, if required. Common tests recommended in a dental check-up are Cleaning, Polishing, X-rays and Teeth Whitening etc.

If you’re not really sure about your dental health, the best thing to do is to consult a dentist! Generally, a dental check-up is recommended upto 2-3 times a year for a healthy oral and dental condition. Brushing your teeth for 3-4 minutes for 2 times a day would be sufficient as a primary dental care. Let me share a few facts about dental checkup which might help you maintain your overall oral health.

Teeth Whitening is the new trend these days and you can simply undergo the procedure at a dental clinic, but did you know there are few foods which might help you whiten your teeth naturally?

Foods Which Might Whiten Your Teeth Naturally:

  • Broccoli:

  • It acts as a natural toothbrush and has high levels of iron which protects the enamel and cleans the stains and harmful bacteria.

  • Oranges:

  • The skin of the fruit contains Vitamin C which helps whiten your teeth. It helps to fight tarter and decrease plaque.

  • Strawberries:

  • Strawberry and baking soda paste helps whiten your teeth, but you have to brush your teeth apply applying this paste as it contains sugars.

  • Carrots:

  • They help in fighting with the germs and stains, also rubbing carrots might help in polishing your teeth.

  • Cheese:

  • It contains lactic acids which helps your teeth to fight decay.

Similarly, there are few natural home remedies available which might cure common dental issues like tooth decay and cavities:

  • Salt:

  • Salt has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which helps your teeth fight tooth cavity issue. It also helps in reducing inflammation, pain relief and bacterial infection issues.

  • Clove Oil:

  • It has anti-bacterial properties which helps to reduce pain, tooth sensitivity, and cavity issues.

  • Garlic Paste:

  • It makes your tooth and gums healthier and has anti-bacterial properties which reduces tooth pain.

  • Turmeric:

  • It makes your teeth and gums healthy and also has anti-bacterial properties which helps fight the decay issue caused by bacterial infection.

  • Neem & Amla:

  • They both help in fighting the cavity issue as they have Vitamin C and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Green Tea Extracts:

  • Green Tea Extracts can be used to clean your teeth as they help your teeth to fight cavity and sensitivity issues.

  • Wheatgrass Juice:

  • It contains Vitamin A, E along with minerals like iron, calcium & magnesium which are important for healthier teeth. Wheatgrass juice also has anti-bacterial properties which helps in fight teeth sensitivity & decay.

Bad Breath is again one of the common oral issues which is being faced by majority of the people. It could even make other people uncomfortable around you with whom you daily interact. There are many possible causes of bad breath such as food, tobacco products, poor dental hygiene, dry mouth, infections in your mouth etc. To overcome this, you could try practicing the following things:

  • Brush and clean your teeth and tongue after eating your meal
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dry mouth
  • Adjust your diet, avoid eating sugary foods, onions & garlics
  • Chew mint gums for a fresh breath
  • Change your toothbrush every 3-4 months, choose a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Schedule a regular dental check-up, if possible

According to the Indian Dental Association (IDA), Tooth Sensitivity is the main issue of all the oral health problems. Worldwide, around 57% of the population is facing this issue. If hot, cold, sweet or very acidic foods and drinks and breathing in cold air, makes your teeth sensitive or painful then you might have tooth sensitivity. To avoid tooth sensitivity, you can use sensitive toothpastes, chew gums, change the way you brush your teeth, avoid acidic foods and drinks, use mouthwash daily, apply or gargle with coconut oil etc. You can always visit a dentist for this issue in these cases. Hope this blog helps you maintain a good oral health, you can write to us and even share your thoughts regarding this topic. Say Cheese, Keep Smiling, Take Kare!

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Hairfall! You surely would be hating this word, everyone does. A person looks more attractive with hair rather than without them. Low confidence, awkwardness or shyness follows with you if you’re facing hairfall issue or partial or complete baldness. On an average we have around 1,00,000 strands of hair from which everyday 50-100 hairs are lost daily which is considered to be normal. If the hairfall ratio is exceeding from 50-100 daily which is not normal, then you are supposed to consult a Tricologist. I’ll try to share few facts, causes and remedies for Hairfall in this blog.

Causes & Remedies of Hairfall:

  • Physical Stress:

  • It can cause temporary hair loss due to stressful events and can block the hair cycle. In Physical stress, hair loss can be noticeable in 3-6 months. Once your body fully recovers from the physical stress, hair will start growing back.

  • Vitamin B Deficiency:

  • This can surely cause hair loss. To overcome this issue, you can start eating food containing Vitamin B such as fish, meat, starchy vegetables and non-citrus fruits.

  • Lack of Protein:

  • Our hair need a good amount of protein to stay healthy. If there is inappropriate amount of protein in our body, hair fall is likely to take place. To avoid this, you can eat protein enriched food like fish, meat, eggs, green peas, beans, leafy greens etc.

  • Heredity:

  • If hair fall in your family is heredity, then you might face the same issue. There are few products available by which you can control your hair loss, it is advisable to consult a hair specialist or tricologist for the same.

  • Excessive Vitamin A:

  • Too much of everything is not good. Such is the case about excessive use of products and medicines containing Vitamin A as it can cause hair loss. To avoid this, you have to stop using products and medicines containing Vitamin A which will resume your hair growth.

  • Emotional Stress:

  • This can rarely cause hair fall. Reasons of emotional stress could be divorce, death, tensions or anxiety etc. To overcome this issue, you could do regular exercise, interact with people or socialise, walk daily, watch movies or serials etc.

  • Drastic Weight Loss:

  • A drastic change in your weight might cause hair loss as the amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals required for healthy hair is less in your body. You could try exercising, going to the gym, have balanced diet to maintain your body and avoid hair fall. This is a temporary period of hair loss after which your hair growth will be normal.

  • Chemotherapy:

  • It is one of the treatments which is considered to cure a cancer patient. Hair loss in chemotherapy is very normal as the drugs or medicines used to cure cancer cause hair fall. Once chemotherapy is stopped or completed, hair will automatically start growing back.

  • Overstyling:

  • It is a common cause of hair fall. If you try doing too much with your hair, they’re naturally going to fall. For hairstyles, we experiment our hair with colours, hair oils, shampoos and conditioners and available hairstyling products in the market. This will damage the roots of your hair and eventually cause hair fall. It is advisable to consult a hair specialist for this and avoid practicing the above mentioned things.

  • Aging:

  • Aging is again a common reason of hair fall which can be seen particularly after your 40’s. You can consult a tricologist for healthy growth of your hair.

Surely hair are one of the important aspects or a feature in one’s physical appearance and beauty. Healthy hair boosts your confidence and displays a good personality. I am sure you would agree with me. Let us know if you wish to share any suggestions and want us to write more of these blogs. Till then, Take Kare!

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Health is always an important factor when it comes to our daily routine. We do almost everything to keep ourselves fit and healthy in our day to day life. A healthy body leads to a healthy life, so the equation is simple “healthy body, healthy life”. A healthy diet helps to maintain or improve overall health and provides the body with essential nutrition: fluid, macronutrients, micronutrients, and adequate calories. To keep our body well in shape or maintained, we mostly try to balance our health by two common factors: Balanced diet & Exercise. Trend these days is to keep our body healthy, be it by means of Gym, Sports, Dance forms, Pilates, Brisk Walking, and Exercises etc. Let me share a few important factors of Balanced diet & Exercises in this blog which might help you to live a healthy life.

Best Time To Eat/Drink:

  • Apple: Morning
  • Banana: Morning
  • Rice: Morning
  • Pulses & Beans: Night
  • Sugar: Morning
  • Milk: Night
  • Curd: Morning

If you’re thinking that skipping a meal, complete or rigorous dieting would help you reduce your weight or make your body fit and healthy, then you’re completely wrong. One is supposed to eat throughout the day for almost 6-7 times to expect a healthy and fit body! Punishing your body without any food intake would make no sense and might only create reverse effects on your health.

Juices & Their Benefits:

  • Orange: Prevents Inflammation
  • Lemon: Prevents Kidney Stone
  • Grape: Boosts Brain Function
  • Cranberry: Improves Cardiovascular Health & Keeps Urinary Region Healthy
  • Vegetable: Helps In Preventing Cancer
  • Pomegranate: Prevents Heart Diseases

Taking today’s lifestyle into consideration, it is okay to opt for a personal trainer if you’re planning to do your exercises at home or to join Gym with proper dieticians and trainers who can help you guide the personal training required for your body or to maintain a good physique. I would advise you to prefer one of the above options if you have a busy routine. Hope this motivates you to start a healthy life ahead, write to us if you have any more suggestions regarding health & fitness or if you wish us to write a similar article or blog, till then wish you a fit & healthy life. More power to you, Take Kare!

Common Exercises Which Can Be Done Daily:

  • Running: 30 Minutes
  • Brisk Walking: 30 Minutes
  • Swimming: 30 Minutes
  • Squats: 30 Minutes
  • Push Ups: 20-30 Minutes
  • Lunges: 20-30 Minutes
  • Crunches: 20-30 Minutes
  • Yoga: 30 Minutes

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Want to get rid of obesity? Need a healthy and fit body? Wish to read a few facts, causes & remedies on obesity? Then, you’re on the right page! This blog is going to make you realise what things you could do to get out from a obese body and might push you to change few of your habits, Yes! eating could be one of them. As we all know, obesity means having excessive fats or being overweight. It can be calculated by body mass index (BMI) ratio, where BMI = kg/m2. In simple words, BMI can be calculated by your weight in KG divided by your height in metres. If you wish, you can calculate your BMI here: www.karewellness.com/bmi_lp

BMI Categories:

  • Underweight: Less than 18.5
  • Normal: 18.5 to 22.9
  • Overweight: 23 to 24.9
  • Pre Obese: 25 to 29.9
  • Obese: 30 and above

Facts on Obesity:

  • Benefits of healthy lifestyle:

  • We all know there are various benefits of healthy lifestyle, there are few facts about a healthy lifestyle which I would like to share. To stay fit, everyone practices a common ritual which is, exercise. Exercising helps to increase lung capacity, and help you maintain your blood pressure. It also energizes your body and boosts your confidence and gives energy to tackle your daily events. Eating healthy food controls your weight which keeps you away from obesity. The secret to live a healthy lifestyle is to eat your daily meals at the right time. Healthy habits also helps your body to fight against depression, arthritis, diabetes and cancer. Most importantly, a healthy lifestyle would surely increase your longevity and reduce the chances of dying prematurely.

  • Disadvantages of Obesity:

  • Obesity was and is problematic for a human body in many ways. One of the common harm caused to your body due to obesity is joint pain. Obesity also weakens your immunity system as there is not much of physical activity possible. You won’t be able to breathe properly if you are obese and would face tiredness. Heart attacks are again a common issue caused by obesity. Not only this, obesity is another reason for getting you diabetes and shoot the level of cholesterol in your body. In simple words, one is required to perform exercises daily and eat healthy food to stay fit. It is always advisable to consult a doctor if you are too worried about being obese.

Causes of Obesity:

  • Improper Diet or Excessive Eating:

  • Consumption of foods or vegetables with high amount of fats and foods containing high amount of sugar and calories such as fast food or cold drinks can cause obesity.

  • Lifestyle:

  • Nowadays we all have a sedentary lifestyle due to which our body is inactive of any physical work or exercises. Due to prolonged inactivity of our body, one can be a victim of obesity.

  • Genetics:

  • This could be a common cause of obesity. It might increase your hunger, fats and calories. Hereditary reasons can also be a factor of obesity. For example, If a Child is having obese parents, could also become obese as he would adopt a similar diet and lifestyle.

  • Meditation & Surgeries:

  • Patients might gain weight while undergoing surgeries as they have to consume medicines, steroids or drugs. Similarly, Pregnant women who consume medicines to gain weight, might have issues to lose the excessive fats post pregnancy.

  • Age Factors:

  • You could even gain weight and become obese once you start aging due to inactivity of your body, the level of muscles decreases and fats are gained.

Remedies of Obesity:

  • Changes in your diet:

  • Stay away from junk food and rice! If you wish to stay away from obesity, avoid oily or fried food items. Start eating fruits like banana, apple, oranges and strawberries which has high level of vitamins and proteins to keep your body healthy and fit. You can also have eggs, meat and chicken as it consist higher levels of protein. Vegetables which you can eat for healthy body are carrot, cucumber, garlic, tomatoes and onions etc.

  • Physical activity & Exercise:

  • It’s now or never! Early morning exercises are always beneficial for your health. Try to do exercises at least for 45 minutes to 1 hour everyday to stay away from obesity and excessive fats. You can even consult a dietician for the same.

  • Juices & Food Items:

  • Start your day with a glass of lemon juice as it helps revitalise your body and removes impurities. You can even have green tea which helps burn excessive fats in your body. Drink at least 3-4 litres of water everyday. If you can, possibly have vegetable and fruit salads. If you wish, you can even drink juices such as orange, papaya, mango and strawberry etc. Coconut water is the best source to keep your body healthy.

Everyone wants a healthy and fit body. If you’re taking obesity too lightly, then beware of it! Obesity has its own disadvantages and can lead to various diseases like Heart attack, Diabetes and even Cancer. You can read a similar health related blog here: www.karewellness.com/blog. For more similar blogs, write to us and share your suggestions. Wish you a obesity free life ahead, Take Kare!

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Leafy Vegetables-Karewellness

Most of the people make faces or hate eating leafy vegetables and its obvious due to their bitter taste. Again it is a natural human tendency to choose sweet over bitter or sour. You may agree or disagree but leafy vegetables bring their own benefits to our health. Leafy vegetables mainly help in controlling your weight, improve eye sight, digestion, increasing the energy levels in your body, maintaining cholesterol levels, improves cardiovascular health, stops aging and helps in maintaining a youthful skin and most importantly leafy vegetables helps in increasing your life span. Yes, you’re reading it right, believe it or not but surprisingly all these benefits come with the addition of leafy vegetables in your diet or meal. I’ll try to share few more facts about leafy vegetables in this blog.

Why leafy vegetables are beneficial for us?

  • Improves Eyesight:

  • Leafy vegetables strengthens the tissues in your eyes which protects from diseases like eye dryness, cataract and night blindness.

  • Youthful Skin/Aging:

  • Leafy vegetables consist vitamins, minerals and components which fight against skin damaging factors, which helps your skin look flawless and beautiful. They also keep your skin moisturized and protects skin from wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Maintains Cholesterol Levels:

  • Higher cholesterol level could result in heart attack. Thus to prevent this issue, consume leafy vegetables in your meal which fights against cholesterol and maintain its level in your body.

  • Reduces Hairfall:

  • Since leafy vegetables consist magnesium, minerals and vitamins which are necessary to keep our hair healthy and strong, they also strengthen our scalp which results in less hairfall.

  • Weightloss:

  • This is the most wanted factor which everyone wants from a dietary point of view. Leafy vegetables consist high level of water in them which helps in removing toxins and chemicals present in our body via urination. Leafy vegetables contain vitamins, dietary fibres and zero fats which helps in reducing excessive fats.

  • Improves Energy Levels:

  • After all the above factors which are present in leafy vegetables, they also boost the energy levels which are present in our body and reduces dizziness.

  • Increases Life Span:

  • Since leafy vegetables consist minerals and proteins which are essential for a healthy body, they also result in a increased lifespan.

Leafy vegetables consist of vitamins, minerals, calcium, fibres, and proteins etc. which are essential for our health. Did you know leafy vegetables even work as antioxidants and helps to remove the toxic wastes from our body? Green leafy vegetables also lowers the risk of diabetes. If you wish to eat leafy vegetables, here are few of them which you could start with: Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Collard Greens, Cabbage, Beet Greens and Broccoli.

Reason why you should start eating the mentioned leafy vegetables:

  • Spinach:

  • Popeye ate spinach, so if you love the cartoon character, you would surely agree with him and start eating spinach and become powerful just like him. Spinach is low in calories and high in vitamins. It consists vitamin A and C which are essential for our body. You can eat spinach raw in salads or even use it in soups and pastas.

  • Kale:

  • It has vitamin A, C and K and also consists calcium and potassium for a vegetable. Kale has a good amount of antioxidants which help removes the toxics from our body. Again, it helps in preventing heart diseases and lowers blood cholesterol level.

  • Swiss Chard:

  • It has calcium which helps to keep our bones healthy. Swiss chard also has vitamins A, C and K and lowers the risk of kidney stone. No matter Swiss chard is one of the best leafy vegetables available as it helps to maintain our blood sugar level, it is also good for skin health. Swiss chard prevents various types of cancer and controls diabetes.

  • Lettuce:

  • Lettuce is a great source to lose weight as it is low on calorie. It also improves our heart conditions as it has potassium which lowers blood pressure. Lettuce also helps in fighting various types of cancers such as stomach cancer, mouth cancer and throat cancer. Few of the benefits which lettuce provides are higher immunity, stronger bones, skin and hair health. Most of all, lettuce helps in preventing diabetes and improves digestion.

  • Collard Greens:

  • Eating collard greens is effective as they have dietary fibres, vitamin K and C which are the best resource to prevent stomach issues and heart related diseases. Collard leaves are the best antioxidants to remove toxins and purify our body. It also helps in improving our stamina and energy levels.

  • Cabbage:

  • Cabbage is one of the most common leafy vegetable eaten by everyone. It is a good source of vitamin C, fibre and potassium and also helps in fighting cancer. Cabbage is low on fats and calories. You can eat cabbage in salads. Most importantly, cabbage helps us lose weight.

  • Broccoli:

  • Broccoli brings vitamin A,C and K with it which are essential for skin and bones. You can eat broccoli in salads or even cook and eat in your regular diet. It also helps in fighting cancer and heart related diseases as it has antioxidants. Broccoli has high amount of fibre which helps us in digestion, constipation and maintaining blood level.

Bitter is better! After reading all the above things you would agree with me. The ultimate goal is to stay fit and live a healthy life. There is nothing to choose wisely here, you can start eating any of the above leafy vegetables and live a refreshing life. Just a reminder before ending this blog, always wash your leafy vegetables properly before eating them in any of your preferred form. Any suggestion? Let us know at the below mentioned addresses. Till then, Go Green, Take Kare!

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Fruits! This is one of the tasty food topics on which I am writing a blog. I am sure everyone loves fruits or at least has their own favourite fruit. It is definite that we should eat a fruit daily as they have their own benefits. Ever wondered why fruits are eaten more when you’re unwell or gifted to the hospitalized patients? Fruits contain almost all the essential elements required for a human body, protein, vitamin, calcium, potassium and fibre to name a few. I’ll share few interesting facts about them in this blog. Every fruit has its own different taste, size, colour and shape and they’re delicious to be honest. As mentioned earlier fruits are so beneficial for us because of their properties, you can even assume that they work just as antibiotics or medicines.

Which fruits should you eat and why?

  • Apple:

  • An apple a day, keeps a doctor away! Apple contains vitamin B, C and K with potassium and a high amount of fibre. It helps in digesting and is good for our heart as it has antioxidants. Apple also reduces weight and helps control diabetes. Apple has the required elements which could reduce the risk of cancer.

  • Mango:

  • A delicious mango contains fibre and vitamin C. Mango can help a kidney stone patient as it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. A mango has capabilities to fight against cancer and it also can prevent heart attack. It is very beneficial for pregnant mothers due to its health benefits.

  • Banana:

  • Bananas contains potassium, minerals and vitamins which are essential for our body. It helps us digest food and maintains blood sugar level. Bananas are a great source to reduce cholesterol level and also improve the health of our eyes. Most importantly, bananas also have the properties to fight cancer.

  • Strawberry:

  • Strawberry is everyone’s favourite fruit for its deliciousness, but again it comes up with its own nutritional values. It has vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Strawberries help in reducing inflammation and also have antioxidants to remove toxins present in our body. Moreover, they protect our heart from various diseases and also boost our brain’s functions.

  • Pomegranate:

  • Good news for those who have arthritis, pomegranate prevents arthritis. Pomegranate has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances which prevents cancer. Again, pomegranate improves our memory and increases immunity. It also helps in digestion and stomach ache.

  • Watermelon:

  • Watermelon consists a lot of water level so it prevents dehydration issue. It also controls blood pressure levels and mainly promotes weight loss. Watermelon even has antioxidants and promotes our digestive system. It also contains vitamin A and C which are essential for our health.

  • Lemon:

  • Lemon is one of the common fruit eaten by everyone. It is used as a multipurpose fruit and its juice is served as refreshment. Lemon has citric acid which prevents kidney stones and vitamin C which improves heart conditions. Lemon is also useful in preventing diseases like ulcers and piles. People mainly eat lemon for weight loss.

  • Oranges:

  • Oranges are known for their sweet and sour taste with their nutritional values. They have vitamin B, C and citric acid which helps reduce anaemia, kidney stones and viral infections. Oranges can also reduce the chances of cancer. Constipation can also be prevented by eating oranges.

  • Grapes:

  • Grapes are one of the multitasking fruits we have. They are good for our eyes, brain and heart. Grapes can maintain our blood pressure and remove toxins from our body as they contain antioxidants. They can even treat asthma and constipation. Good for all the age groups as they have the ability to strengthen our bones. Grapes can also reduce tooth cavities.

  • Guava:

  • Guava is good for stomach issues and just like other fruits clean our body as they have antioxidants. It also has fibre, vitamin A, potassium, manganese and copper which are again essential for our health. If you are facing cough and cold, eat a guava and see the difference. A guava has the properties to improve our thyroid health as well.

  • Papaya:

  • As sweet as a papaya is, helpful are its properties and features for our body. Papaya contains vitamin A, C, and potassium, which helps us in digestion and fights inflammation. It also has antioxidants which removes toxins from our body and has properties to protect our skin. Papaya is a great resource for those who are suffering from diabetes as it helps in preventing diabetes.

  • Pineapple:

  • Pineapple boosts our bones health. It also improves our heart condition and digestive system. Pineapple decreases the risk of cancer and asthma. It has vitamin C and manganese which helps in fighting against inflammation.

Fruits are even good for our skin and hair as they contain the required properties for their nourishment. In case you cut, peel or cook any fruit and wish to eat it later, make sure you preserve it in the refrigerator within an hour or two as the chances of them getting ripe or bacteria entering them prevents. Mostly, morning is the right time to eat fruits as our stomachs are empty and fruits come up with all the essential and nutritional elements required for our body. Start eating fruits every day, whether you prefer them to consume in the form of juice or in salads or raw. Make sure you wash fruits properly before eating as a primary care. I hope I’ve tried to mention the facts and benefits about almost all the regular and famous fruits. Let us know your suggestions at the addresses mentioned below. Take Kare!

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Brisk Walking-Karewellness

Pair of shoes and off you go! The easiest way to stay fit is walking or we can say brisk walking. No gym, no Pilates or dance classes, special diet or any hectic way is required to spend our money to stay fit and healthy. Again if you don’t wish to spend money on your fitness and wish to walk and stay fit or reduce your weight, you have come to the right place as I am going to share maximum benefits and facts about brisk walking and how it can be beneficial for us. It won’t be wrong saying that a brisk walk covers complete exercise of our body. From helping you to lose weight to depression and from various health issues and diseases to anti-aging, a walk would do it all for you. A brisk walk is surely good for our health in many ways but do you know when exactly to walk and for how much time?


  • Weight Loss:

  • A 30 minute walk per day is sufficient for our health and helps reduce weight gradually. Brisk walking helps us reduce body fat and improves our body muscles. Obesity is another issue which is common as in today’s life we don’t get much time to exercise, so to prevent obesity; we can start brisk walking for at least 30 minutes per day. Eventually you would feel fit and healthy.

  • Depression:

  • In this busy life, the stress level is enormous. There could be various reasons for your depression, maybe work, family or your social life. Living or working in closed doors constantly for hours would make you feel inactive, dizzy and lazy. Go out! A morning walk will definitely help you overcome your depression as it keeps your body fresh, healthy and keeps you active throughout the day. I am sure a brisk walk will help you tackle your daily tasks without any hesitation.

  • Strong Bones:

  • As walking is a complete body exercise, it also makes our bones strong as walking puts pressure on the bones and joints. This is beneficial for us in the older age as a worked out body keeps the bones strong and keeps us away from arthritis. You can start walking backwards and sideways for a change as it will bring flexibility to our bones and a exercise to the body.

  • Immunity:

  • A brisk walk every day for some time increases the immunity level in our body as it keeps us active and healthy and away from the common diseases like cold, viral fever or bacteria entering our body. Once our body is immune, it gets the power to fight against these common diseases and maintain our health.

  • Healthy Heart:

  • Heart being an important part of our body needs to be kept in check and away from diseases. Brisk walking will improve your heart rate and make its muscles strong. Not only heart but walking is good for our lungs as well. It reduces the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

  • Glowing Skin:

  • As walking helps in encouraging the blood flow, the fresh air has pure oxygen which helps our skin glow and makes us feel fresh. You will feel energetic and stop aging as well as it helps us to stay active throughout the day. A morning walk would improve your blow circulation and keep you away from acne and wrinkles. Your skin will glow gradually and it will boost your confidence.

  • Improves Memory:

  • Walking make us feel fresh which automatically improves our body functions. A happy and healthy body helps us reduce stress, depression and anxiety which results in improvement of our memory and keeps us away from Dementia and Alzheimer.

  • Reduces Diabetes:

  • Walking lowers the blood glucose levels and maintains cholesterol levels in our body which helps in reducing diabetes. To maintain or reduce diabetes by walking, you can follow these steps; take a halt and drink plenty of water while walking, use stairs rather than escalators, make sure you take rest for 5-10 minutes after a good long walk. Take your pet for a walk every morning to maintain a pace.

  • Respiration:

  • A 30 minute walk will improve our stamina and lung capacity. Increase your walking speed gradually; it will improve your respiratory system. Most importantly avoid smoking which is injurious to your lungs and overall health, smoking affects our respiration and generates breathing issues.

  • Anti-Aging:

  • The simplest way to keep you healthy and increase your life span is walking. As our body gets exercised, walking keeps us away from the common diseases where it acts as anti-aging. A brisk walk would make you feel physically strong, add years to your life and fight against sickness.

A brisk walk daily helps smoothen the functioning of vital body parts such as kidney, liver and heart. We can say that a walk is a multipurpose remedy for our body. Start a brisk walk today; make sure you end up sweating after a good long walk. You can even consider it as a daily cardio exercise. Don’t make your walk become a fatigue; keep a positive mind set while you go out for a walk. Make your walking session a fun activity; go for a walk with your friends or family members. A little music while a walk might help as well. Hope this helps, share your thoughts with us and feel energetic, fresh and active. Take Kare!

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Regular Health Check-up-Karewellness

Ever wondered why a health check-up is important? Is it really necessary for us and why? It’s always better to visit a doctor if you’re unsure of your health. No compromise in case of your health, that’s the first rule you should follow. In case if you’re having any disease, a regular health check-up helps to diagnose it which can be treated properly. A fit and healthy body would help you to be more efficient or productive at your daily tasks which would also affect on your work life. Let me share a few important facts about a regular health check-up.


  • Overall Benefits:

  • A regular health check-up helps us prevent sickness. It increases the chances of a disease getting cured. Helps in increasing lifespan. Also a healthy body keeps you stress free and mental disorders and helps tackle your daily activity.

  • Regular Check-up for Age Groups:

  • Let me share few interesting facts about the health check-ups which you can go through at different age groups, in your 20s-30s, blood pressure, cholesterol & glucose levels, BMI & BMR, dental check & cleaning, skin tests, obesity. Similarly, in your 40s-50s, you can go through health check-ups for the following diseases; type 2 diabetes, back pain, eye check-up, cardiovascular risk assessment and visual & hearing impairment test.

  • General Health Tests:

  • Generally, if you are opting for a health check-up, the following tests could be performed/advised by the doctors; cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, breast cancer, blood cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis & oral care etc.

  • Blood Test:

  • Blood test is another essential part in a regular health check-up which helps in detecting various blood diseases and conditions. It also helps doctors to track the performance & functioning of various body organs.

  • Long Run:

  • If you do a regular health check-up, it helps you save a decent amount of money in the long run as it prevents the risk of life threatening diseases, surgeries or any serious medical care.

  • Self Awareness:

  • A regular health check-up makes you more aware about your health, depending on the result of your health check-up, you can follow the to do and not to do list advised by your doctor to prevent future health issues.

Precaution is better than cure! To be on the safer side, one is required to undergo a regular check-up at least once or twice in 6 months. We at Karewellness help to give you all the necessary benefits included in a regular health check-up. We pledge to make healthcare experience as affordable and user-friendly by bringing leading doctors and best wellness centres at your fingertips. Karewellness will soon be coming up with attractive discounts for various health care services. Till then, stay tuned! Share your thoughts with us; we’ll be happy to help you. Take Kare!

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